ARC’s First Church Plants Celebrate 20 Years of Ministry | Church of the Highlands Blog Post

In May of 2000, Chris and Tammy Hodges, along with their five children, made their way through eight cities, visiting each as a potential home for their new church. Birmingham was their last stop. On his way to an early game at the SEC baseball tournament, Chris grabbed coffee at a local Barnes & Noble. With a view that overlooked the Cahaba Valley ahead and the busy highway down below, Chris heard the Lord say, “You’re going to pastor some of the people down in that traffic jam.” He began to feel a supernatural love for the city and its people, and that’s when he knew. He skipped the game and instead began to make his way throughout Birmingham, praying as he drove down the streets of the city he would soon call home.

Human Trafficking Is Happening Blog Post

There are millions of children, women, and men affected by modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world. During the past...

Be a Praying Church Blog Post

As an ARC church planter, I’ve given up on a few things. I’ve given up on hair like Shaun Nepstad’s, lists like Chris Hodges’s, and...

Psychological Health and Christian Leadership Blog Post

Leadership is a privilege. Those of us who have been in positions of leadership within the church know the joys of seeing people learn to follow Christ in ways that advance God’s kingdom.

A Call to Dependence Blog Post

I can remember being taught to defend myself as early as 3 or 4 years old. I had a cousin who was about three months...