Hand of Hope Blog Post

At ARC, we believe in not doing ministry alone. We are blessed to partner together with organizations that believe and invest in the vision to...

Gina Isaziga Blog Post

GinaIsazigaPastor, Luminous City ChurchSan Diego, CA Describe yourself in three words. Encourager Resilient Dancer How do you handle criticism? If I receive negative criticism, it...

Healthy Things Grow Blog Post

You’ve probably heard this statement in your leadership circles. While the statement is true, hearing it may not feel helpful, especially if your church is...

Psychological Health and Christian Leadership Blog Post

Leadership is a privilege. Those of us who have been in positions of leadership within the church know the joys of seeing people learn to follow Christ in ways that advance God’s kingdom.

Ending Bible Poverty Blog Post

Seed Company is on a mission. According to the most recent data from SIL International*, more than 2100 languages to-date do not have Bible translations. Seed Company hopes to end this statistic. It has found a way to expedite Bible translation that includes breaking up the overwhelming task into smaller projects and connecting translators directly with investors and partners. ARC talked to Kraig Thompson, Manager of Mobilization for Seed Company.